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We help you design, orchestrate, and facilitate your Executive Development program or event and make sure that you realize your program-specific goals.

Without strong and effective Talent Development, companies lose their edge and their ability to change course, globalize, and further integrate to create value at all levels of the organization.

Our approach is collaborative and we assist in designing your event in the context of your organization’s biggest business or developmental challenges.

Our team uses Business Driven Action Learning processes and the principles of Collective Intelligence. We guide your senior executives to improve their joint impact on the corporate culture and provide them with the tools to change and align the culture to the strategy.

back to topIntercultural Competence Development

Relationships are the key to success. Building strong relationships requires specific cultural competencies.

Together with our partners, we use various learning processes to teach the required skills and competencies for your organization:

  • Intercultural Sensitivity
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Building Commitment
  • Managing Uncertainty


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The most important thing we learned from facilitating global business integrations is to focus first on the ‘value orientation’ level of the people.

Dilemma Theory is based on the premise that there are always at least two equally valuable sides to values, beliefs, stories and events that appear to be opposing one another.

We train you in successfully recognizing, framing and reconciling your global business challenges.

Our team collaborates with Fons Trompenaars on these issues with whom we have worked for more than 10 years.

From key note speeches to interventions, mediation, cultural immersion, and coaching engagements, we will create a curriculum of specific learning courses and events for you and your team.

back to topTeam Facilitation

By focusing on the underlying dilemmas at each level of your organization, we avoid the negative, draining, and conflicting process of unblocking legacy mindsets. Instead, we help you identify your key challenges, avoid any compromises and focus on win-win reconciliations.

In the process, we raise the strategic conversation and use a structured process to frame and reproduce the key dialogues for review and (re)presentation.

To assure the best possible learning results, we

  • Assess our clients needs
  • Design the appropriate program and intervention
  • Deliver the proposed solution, intervention or workshop
  • Re-assess and improve our collaboration
  • Provide you with valuable feedback and recommendations

Workshop topics:

  • Cultural Awareness Training
  • Cultural Intelligence for Global Leaders
  • Communication across Cultures
  • Negotiations and Conflict Resolution across Cultures
  • Global Teamwork and Remote Management across Cultures
  • Expatriation Services
  • Gender and Leadership
  • Country-specific trainings


back to topKeynote Speeches

Our professional insights and personal anecdotes made us highly regarded speakers and facilitators on numerous topics such as

  • Globalization and Integration
  • Global Leadership and Dilemma Management
  • Intercultural Competence
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship


back to topLeadership Coaching

We partner with our clients in an inspiring and creative process that motivates them to maximize their personal and professional potential. We are dedicated to your trust, to the creative process of coaching and to your success.

Individual Coaching

Co-active coaching creates a lively relationship between the coach and client. We do not instruct, advice or solve your problems. We listen, ask the right questions and challenge you when appropriate. We encourage and guide you ask you to leave your comfort zone, take risks and reap the rewards.

Team Coaching

We offer customized program to achieve your organization’s goals and guide your team in the process of pushing the boundaries of its present capabilities. Think out of the box, have inspiring experiences and move beyond familiar patterns and pitfalls! Together, let us create professional relationships that get more out of individual commitment, teamwork, and results.