In addition to Culture Learning Group’s services, we partner with the best institutions and practitioners in the field to respond to your needs quickly, specifically and effectively. Our partners share a superb reputation in their areas of expertise and work in close collaboration with us to identify, coordinate and evaluate their offerings to you.


back to topTrompenaars Hampden-Turner
Trompenaars Hampden-Turner is a world-class research-driven consulting firm that has a unique approach to helping people and organizations from different cultures work together. We share a strong affiliation with THT due to the numerous years during which we have represented THT in the US, helping clients improve business performance so that their organizations can be more sustainable, its people more effective and its stakeholders more satisfied.


back to topGlobal Executive Learning
The Global Executive Learning Network was founded by Professor Yury Boshyk. It designs, develops, and facilitates Business Driven Action Learning workshops. These company-specific workshops identify business challenges and create workshops that provide solutions and insights directly addressing the major challenges of the corporation. Participants learn through self-assessment and professional evaluation, teamwork, feedback and After Action Review (AAR). We are honored to be associates of the GEL Network.


back to topGlobal Forum for Action Learning and Executive Development
The Global Forum on Action Learning brings together those corporations that are practicing Business Driven Action Learning as developed and practiced by Yury Boshyk (see GEL-NET)
This annual forum is held every year on a different continent and brings together 150 of the top organizations and professionals in this particular type of Action Learning. The forum has a highly practical and interactive nature. Sharing and learning are central themes throughout the 4-day meeting. We invite our clients to contact us to get invited to the Forum.


back to topDuke CE/LSE, UK and USA
For the last eight years, Duke CE was voted the #1 provider in the world for Custom Executive Education by the Financial Times and Business Week. Duke CE provides its clients with outstanding learning and development resources which bring together the best business practitioners and academics. We have been members of Duke CE’s faculty for the last 5 years and value our partnership for providing us with stimulating business affiliations and a first-class network of practitioners worldwide.


back to topTuck School of Business at Dartmouth College
The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College has been a strong partner for us. We are members of their faculty on various excellent executive development programs for Tuck’s global corporate clients. We support Tuck’s collaborative and open faculty approach to provide the optimum balance between practical experience and academic rigor in its executive programs.


back to topIndian School of Business
The Indian School of Business is the premier independent Business School in India with a strong focus on Executive Education. We provide workshop designs and facilitate in various courses such as the Accelerated Management Program and Management of Change Program. Through the ISB, we are also engaged with the Young President’s Organization (YPO), and contribute to courses in Bangalore for Accenture.


back to topSPI Management
We maintain a best-practice relationship with Boudewijn Bertsch, a leading expert in organizational management. Boudewijn facilitates executive teams and management training sessions, and coaches individuals and teams on emotional intelligence, performance improvement and organizational change.


back to topInstitute of Executive Development
The Institute of Executive Development connects executives and facilitators in the executive development industry. This extremely active of professionals provides web-based software systems to support executive development efforts for many Fortune 500 corporations and delivers ground-breaking research and services to its members. Our friend and colleague Scott Saslow is the driving force behind this dynamic group.


back to topIBI
Ursula Brinkmann and Oscar van Weerdenburg are experts in the areas of intercultural competencies and skill building. We have successfully used their assessment tool “Intercultural Readiness Check” with numerous clients and share a best-practices relationship with them. We partner with IBI especially in North America to develop the use of the IRC and support the research in truly effective global leadership.


back to topSmith College Executive education
Smith Executive Education for Women at Smith College provides world-class leadership development programs designed specifically for today’s female executives. Being part of their faculty provides us with valuable insights into gender specific challenges in today’s global world and the inspiration to excel in our work. Smith’ energetic and dynamic programs support women at every level of their organizations to drive change, performance and success, and to reach greater professional satisfaction and work-life integration.