Key Challenges Survey (KCS)

It is likely that you will value the input of some of your colleagues when it comes to your current challenges at the individual, team and organization level. The KCS allows us to collect data from members of your organization quickly and efficiently.

Depending on your request, we will group our questions around topics relating to

  • Organization (e.g. external, and internal issues, organizational process and structure, strategy-related issues)
  • Core values and corporate identity (e.g. history, goals, values, mission, vision, ethics)
  • Team work (team dynamics and composition, attitudes towards each other, awareness of cultural differences, communications)
  • Globalization (global presence and strategy, global communications, HR, recruitment, global teams)

Your answers to this survey are a key ingredient for our responses to your challenges and will contribute specifically to the tailored design of our program.

It takes about 20 min to complete the survey. Participants who receive a password-protected invitation to complete this confidential survey will answer multiple-choice questions and a few Q&A-style inquiries.  We will then analyze the responses and prepare a summary report on the key issues to be incorporated in our workshops.