We take on a number of roles with our clients:
  1. Co-designer of meetings, workshops, conferences, change interventions and executive development courses and curricula
  2. Executive facilitator in projects, meetings, town-hall events, executive development courses
  3. Key note speaker for audiences around the world on:
    a. Cultural Differences
    b. Global Leadership
    c. Organizational Change and Innovation
    d. Sustainability
  4. Sparring partner and sounding board to help managers and executives think through their ideas, their business and motivational models, their strategies and projects.
  5. Workshop facilitator on numerous intercultural topics
  6. Executive Coach and trusted advisor
  7. Researcher and writer on topics essential to clients


back to topDilemma Management

Every organization, every team, and leader has inherent dilemmas. Dilemmas are challenges of two seemingly opposing value orientations that can not easily be resolved by selecting one value and ignoring the other (global vs. local, cut cost vs. investing in growth, competition versus collaboration etc.). Dilemma Management provides a consistent, reliable, and repeatable method to address conflicts and challenges at the individual leadership, team, organizational, and strategic level.

The process is taught and embedded in organizations with the help of expert facilitation. It is succinct, creative and innovative, and focused on aligning and adjusting mindsets in your organization. We work in full collaboration with your senior leaders and their teams to elicit those business challenges that are most important to the future growth of the organization and that are culturally and organizationally the hardest to frame and resolve.


back to topAligning Values with Behavior for Performance

Successful executives and (project) management teams alike require a strong sense of identity and belonging in order to reach their (stretch) goals effectively. Our facilitation provides a set of supporting processes to root desired behavior in shared and agreed upon values.
 We focus on getting performance from the relationships within a team, raise the level of strategic thought, and by aligning the team around common and shared accountabilities in terms of results as well as behaviors.


back to topBusiness Driven Action Learning

In collaboration with the Global Executive Learning Network – developed by one of our mentors, Professor Yury Boshyk – we develop tailor-made executive development programs and interventions to support executive talent development, key strategic business alignment, turn-around management and other specific organizational and strategic goals. We elicit both individual developmental and business challenges and develop our programs around action learning projects that require a measurable business and career impact. We include specific processes like Outside-In, Inside-Out, Knowledge Base, Leader-Teacher, and many project management tools for high performance teams.


back to topScenario Planning within the organization

We use scenario planning to increase the level of strategic conversation of the management team and its impact on the collective culture of your organization. We link scenario planning with competence assessment and development of the management team.

As managers have to increasingly learn to do more with less, we collaboratively assess what the most likely and plausible developments in the organization are within the next 3 to 5 years.

Based upon our scenarios, we subsequently assess what role the department/company needs to play and what competences it requires going forwards. As the management team is driving the engagement by creating and selecting its own scenarios, we are simultaneously exploring and changing the mindset required to improve the effectiveness of the organization and increase its impact on its stakeholders / shareholders / customers.